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UK’s prestige wedding cars

Choosing the finest wedding car involves time and careful planning. Stepping out of your dream car should be your number one goal, so don’t settle for anything less than the best. The finest wedding car needs to match your overall...

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Modern wedding cars, London & South East

  It is an exciting time when you are making plans to be married. The changes, the commitment and the thrill of planning your wedding are all a buzz. So many choices to make your special day a memorable one. Now it comes to you...

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Mercedes wedding cars in London & South East

Want a set a wheels to impress the guests are your big event? It can’t get more impressive than a Mercedes wedding cars. To impress the crowd, a grand entrance is a must to make it a night to remember.  At VIP Chauffeur Car Hire, we...

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Luxury Wedding Cars in UK, London & South East

  Your wedding day is almost here, so make it the most magical day of your life. If you want to show up to the wedding doors in style and leave lavishly, choose only a luxury wedding car. As one of the top bridal car hire company in...

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Love wedding cars, London & South East

It’s common for people to panic as their wedding day draws near. It need not be that way. With the right quality service, it will all go to plan. To make your big day memorable and stylish, plan all the intricate details carefully...

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Limo hire in London & South East

  Impress the crowd and make a grand entrance to your event with the best classic car limousine in London. It will be a day to remember when you arrive in style in a chauffeur driven classic limo.  Planning the most intricate...

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Ideal wedding cars, London & South East

Your wedding day is coming soon – congratulations, may this union bring you years of happiness and fulfillment. No doubt your main priority is to have everything go smoothly on your big day. If so, time to start planning for a...

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How much to hire a wedding car, London & South East

When planning a wedding one of the main priorities is to have everything go smoothly on your big day. Be sure that quality reigns over quantity and that includes your wedding car. If you are looking for how much to hire a wedding car to...

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How much are wedding cars?

Looking for a wedding car company that is affordable and reliable? Look now further as VIP Chauffeur Car Hire is an excellent choice. At our car hire company we understand that planning your wedding car carefully is important as you will...

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Hampshire wedding cars

Are you planning a wedding in hampshire? Choosing a wedding car in such a picturesque town involves time and careful planning. You don’t want to choose just any old car.  Not only does it need to match your overall wedding theme and...

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