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Wedding limo, London & South East

Ready, get, set, your wedding day is almost here! No doubt, weddings are filled with lots of excitement coupled with planning intricate details. Start your union off in the right set of wheels that compliment your wedding theme. One such car to make your wedding even more whimsical is the wedding limo.


The wedding limo from VIP Chauffeur Car Hire are the best in town. One of our professionally dressed chauffeurs will arrive at your chosen location in style to carry you away to your wedding location. You will feel like royalty as you are whisked away in the wedding car of your choice.


What beautiful pictures you will have! You can rest assured knowing you chose well with a wedding car from us. Our pride of delivering only the best always wins over and we always aim to please each client.


Our wedding limo services are available all over London & South East England including North London, South London, East London, West London, Hertfordshire, Croydon, Sussex, Hemel Hempstead.


Top wedding limo, London & South East

Which type of car you choose is important to any wedding.  Choosing a wedding limo speaks a lot about the theme and the personalities of the happy couple. Whether it is a classical wedding or one with a vintage twist, the wedding limo your best choice. Be picture ready as you roll in to your wedding with style and class. With the wedding limo, any picture will look devine.


Other brands we have available include: Range Rover Sport X3 White, Range Rover Sport X1 Black, Mercedes E-Class – Silver, Mercedes E-Class – White, Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Hummer H2 Stretched Limo, Rolls Royce Phantom White, Lincoln Town Car – Pink or White, Range Rover Stretch Limo, Jaguar XJL White

We can accommodate all parties no matter their size.  You no longer have to choose and can simply include all of the bridal party. With the wedding limo everyone in! Simply give us a call to explain your size requirements and we will advise with further details.


Best wedding limo, London & South East

You will be greeted by one of our professionally dressed and experienced chauffeurs, who will provide an excellent customer service. We pride ourselves at delivering satisfaction to all our clients and we never keep our clients waiting.

We guarantee its going to be a fun and memorable time! We are timely and our reliable.


Hire wedding limo in London & South East

We are standing by to assist. If you book early you can certainly book the car you desire. If you have found that time slipped through your hands and you do not have much time we can still assist.

Some weddings are planned in advance while others are done at a moment’s notice. We can accommodate tour request. Whether you have a future date or a more immediate date we can assist with your car needs, but time is of the essence. Book your wedding car today.


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