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5 Event Tips you Need to Know in 2017

  • Plan ahead

To make the most of your special event the key is to plan in advance and ensure that you have all key information to hand. Time, location, dress code, travel arrangements, and accommodation are all factors to be considered.

  • Do research beforehand

Do your research to gain an understanding of the event. Is the purpose of the event to raise funds for a good cause or to recognise outstanding achievement in your industry?  If it’s the former, find out about the charity – a few telling details can be really useful on the night.

Research who else is attending, will your colleagues, industry partners or competitors be there? Do you face similar challenges or have you worked on joint projects?  Have a few ice-breakers to hand to get the conversation flowing.

  • Dress to impress

To make the most of your event dress to impress.  Check the invitation for any sartorial advice. Is it black tie or smart casual? Dress accordingly. If advice isn’t forthcoming, search for photos of previous years’ events online so that you can dress appropriately. Consider the time you have to work with – will you have a chance to pop home or do you need to travel straight to the event from work? Do you simply require a few additions such as statement jewellery or a bold lipstick?

If you’re looking for a stylish new look, Vintage glamour has been a noticeable trend at red carpet events in recent years, discover your inner Hollywood siren and raise funds for a good cause too.

Have a dress rehearsal to check the clothes you’re wearing leave you feeling confident and comfortable. Can you sit and walk with ease? Also, be sure to check that what’s underneath works as well as what’s on top.

  • Arrive in Style

To enjoy your special event to the maximum, sit back relax and let a chauffeur take the strain. Consider the price of an anytime train ticket against the fee for a luxury car service and you’ll be surprised at what good value the latter represents.  Enjoy a door-to-door service while you’re sitting in the lap of luxury, with no concerns about making connections, changing trains, transferring your luggage or missing the last train home. You’ll arrive at the event, relaxed, happy and ready to enjoy your special event to the full.

  • Sort your accommodation

If you do need to stay over, then organise your accommodation well in advance. Check out whether staying at the event venue comes with a discount for attendees. This is often the case, and savings can be significant. Moreover, the added convenience of staying onsite will help you enjoy your special night out to the full. If staying at the venue isn’t an option, consider other nearby options and book in advance for the best deals.  If you have left things until the last minute, then try price comparison websites for your best option.