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Acquire the Franchise Of A Popular Chauffeur Service

The professional drivers who take up the Chauffeur Franchise offered by our company are assured of a profitable as well as enjoyable business all through. Those who work hard, make sincere efforts to satisfy the customers and strictly follow all safety rules are assured of success and they can make handsome returns from the investment they have made in this business. For ex-chauffeur drivers and others who have valid driving license and are in search of safe and promising business opportunities, taking up the Chauffeur Franchise from VIP is the best option. One can flourish in this business by providing the best quality customer service. Since our chauffeur service is already well established, the franchisees are unlikely to experience any dearth of business. On the contrary, since this is a reliable and reputed car service, there will be growing demand for our luxury fleet.  The franchisees need not wait for their business to start. They will get customers right from day one since our chauffeur service is already popular in the market.

Flexible pricing

The franchisees of this chauffeur service get the opportunity to serve individual as well as corporate customers. They can expect regular business from the corporate firms when there are conferences, promotion campaigns and other corporate events. The chauffeurs will be hired for wedding parties and other special events also. The chauffeurs are provided with the standard prices and based on the standard prices they can make modifications depending on the type of customers as well as the occasions. For the regular corporate customers our chauffeurs have the liberty to offer specially worked out rates and also when they take up night trips or long distance trip they are entitled to charge extra to cover all their expenses. Similarly, our chauffeurs have the freedom to choose their working hours.


Technically advanced

The comprehensive training that we provide to our new chauffeurs enables them to run the business with efficiency, speed and perfection. They are trained to use the most advanced technology to run their business and the company provides them the devices that are required to carry out the business. The training program is designed and conducted by experts from the field of chauffeur services and the classroom training as well as practical training in real life situations instills confidence in the minds of the chauffeurs. The company has already its website which is visible in the search engines. Each franchise will have his page in the website and the orders received through the website will be automatically diverted to the respective franchisee.

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