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Get the Chauffeur Franchise of an established chauffeur service

The drivers who have valid driving license and are desirous of running a cab service independently are welcome to take up the Chauffeur Franchise offered by our professional chauffeur service company. The drivers who become our franchisees get the opportunity to run a well-organized and highly profitable solo-business. The drivers can run the business independently. They need not pay salary to staff who assist them, they need not run an office and no kind of manual labor is required to run the business. The chauffeurs who are good in providing customer service can flourish in this business and the company provides efficient training and the best technical support to the franchisees. Our franchisees are relieved from the task of promoting the brand and developing customers. The company has already established its brand name in the market and already there are a lot of customers. Right from day one, the franchisees can get the business, provide service to the customers and earn money.

Get into business straightaway

Normally, anyone who starts a new business has to fulfill various tasks, put a lot of efforts and spend a lot of time as well as money to make the infrastructure in order to make a beginning of the actual business. The professional drivers who take up the Chauffeur Franchise of our company need not go through all these constraints. The company has a well developed website which is already positioned in the local search engines. The franchisees are provided with their own pages in the website and all the orders that are received through the website are diverted to the respective chauffeurs.

Flexible pricing

We provide the drivers with the guideline prices and when they take up trips in the night or go for long distance trips, they are entitled to charge more to cover up their expenses. Since they are professional chauffeurs of a popular cab service, they will be hired for wedding parties, various special events, celebrations, business trips and sight-seeing trips. The drivers are entitled to have special prices for all such customers. Our chauffeurs are expected only to drive the cars and take care of the customers. All other aspects are taken care of by the company and the franchisees can contact us over the phone at any time for any assistance. The company will provide them all the technical devices and other facilities and by attending the comprehensive training program the drivers can acquire all the technical skills required to run the business. Since there is growing demand for the service, our franchisees are rest assured that their business will grow very fast enabling them to make more income.