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Here is the best Chauffeur Franchise for you!

The Chauffeur Franchise that we offer provides excellent business opportunity for cab-drivers as well as all those who like to be in driving and earn through driving. This is in fact the best business for the professional drivers. We provide all kinds of support to our franchisees. They will be trained by chauffeur service experts and the drivers can take up the business which is already built-up. The vigorous campaigns that we conduct enable the franchisees to easily secure customers as well as contracts. As part of the franchise package they will be provided with sales promotion aids, website and local SEO. The drivers will be provided with all the digital devices also to run the business. The most attractive aspect of this business is that the cab drivers who take up this franchise are able to get customers and make money right from the very first day. The training and back-up support that we provide boost up their morale and for any assistance any time, they can contact the company over the phone.

Flexible pricing

The hourly rate that is fixed for the cabs is applicable only to the standard customers who will be using the cab service during normal hours. When they pick up customers during late-night hours and also when the cabs are hired for wedding parties and other special events, the drivers are entitled to charge more than the standard rates. Also, for long distance trips the drivers can collect extra money from the customers to cover their expenses. The prices that we give to the drivers enable them to match their prices with other taxi services in the market. The prices that we provide are the guideline prices based on which the drivers can make their prices competitive and at the same time they can ensure that they make a reasonable income daily. After all, it is their business and they can negotiate and finalize the prices.

Unlimited potential

The chauffeur franchise that we offer has excellent earning potential and since we have a nation-wide network this franchise is offered to drivers all over the country. There are thousands of able drivers in this country who are really dynamic, skilled and are capable of providing the best customer service but, are unable to invest big amounts of money. Such people can utilize this opportunity which allows them to start their cab service with a minimum investment. A minimum yearly turnover is guaranteed to the franchisees and the potential for their earning is unlimited. In reality, the turnover that they achieve will be much above the minimum turnover that is guaranteed.