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Rolls Royce Ghost – Interesting Facts Which You Don’t Know

Here at VIP Chauffeur Car Hire, we have our Rolls Royce Ghost available to hire on a Chauffeur Driven basis.

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The Rolls-Royce Ghost is truly a prestige and luxurious car coming with so many features and gadgets installed inside. Not to mention it is the most powerful yet sophisticated car. You can find travelers from all over the world wanting to hire this vehicle at least for a day and experience what it is like traveling around in a Rolls Royce.

However, there are many facts which are not known about the car. Let us find out.

• You will want to know that Rolls-Royce is written with a hyphen in the middle. That is because it shows the founders’ surnames who are Henry Royce and Charles Rolls. They started this company in the year 1906. Very unfortunately till date, no photo of both of them together has been found.

• The oldest Rolls-Royce which is still running on the road is owned by Thomas Love Jr. of Perth, Scotland and is a 1904 10hp. That is just fascinating compared to today’s cars which are no longer drivable even after a decade or lesser. A reliable car indeed.

• The Rolls-Royce 10 was one of the first Rolls-Royce cars to be developed at 10 horse power. It was sold in 1904 for £395.00 and only 16 were made. In today’s money that and is equivalent to £32,000.

• The Silver Ghost is the most famous Rolls-Royce car model. There were more than 6,000 made. The Ghost name comes for the engine which is immensely quiet. Such was the success of the Silver Ghost that Rolls-Royce decided to start a factor in Springfield, Massachusetts. However it got closed as people preferred the British made cars.

• You will be surprised to know that the Rolls-Royce R engine is the only engine in the world to be able to get air, land, and water speed records.

• Designed by Charles Sykes the Rolls-Royce emblem is known as the Spirit of Ecstasy. It consists of two figurines which appear as the same. However, Henry Royce was not happy with the design, which is extremely surprising.

• The car company is now owned by BMW. In the year 2009, the company was able to sell more than 1000 Phantoms. Some of their customers include David Beckham, P Diddy, and Simon Cowell.

• The company sees its vehicle sold to car rental companies who like to use this vehicle for occasions when people tend to hire them for an hourly or daily basis. These luxurious vehicles can be found in major cities world over. In London, you can hire Rolls-Royce phantoms for £1200 per day.

Hope you enjoyed this article about the Rolls Royce Ghost and Phantom. They both are a sign of luxury when riding it. The car company has gone ahead and decided to make coupe or sports cars based on the same engine without compromising on the safety. It is a classic and no surprises in seeing royals and powerful people wanting to travel around in this amazing and beautiful vehicle.

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