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The top cars in 2016

Presenting a definitive list of the top cars of 2016. From the best compact to the best luxury SUV, we’ve put together a list of cars buyers just couldn’t stay away from in 2016.

 The best compact car: Subaru Impreza

 In 2016, the Impreza returned to the market with a new and refreshing look. Although changes may be subtle, they included new front-end styling, advanced safety options, improved infotainment and better fuel economy making it an attractive option for those seeking a compact car with all-weather ability. With the 2016 Impreza being the “best pick in its class for safety”, it comes with EyeSight system that makes use of front-mounted cameras and sensors for adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and lane-departure warnings. Subaru may be a quirky choice in compact for some, but its neat appearance and active safety benefits have made it one that sells.

 The best convertible: Range Rover Evoque Convertible

 Although it has been around since 2011, impressions of the updated Range Rover Evoque Convertible came as a bit of a mixed bag after its most recent release. Nevertheless, there has been a huge market for this drop-top SUV, with its impressive off-road ability and niche styling that has subsequently made it Land Rover’s most successful model. This particular release may be a model that can sell on image alone with Land Rover calling this latest addition the “world’s first luxury compact SUV convertible”. This description may stand as somewhat of an oxymoron, but time and time again, buyers are drawn to the Evoque’s go anywhere 4×4 ability, smooth drive and comfortable interior.

 The best executive car: Mercedes-Benz E-Class

 The Mercedes-Benz E-Class has raised the bar for executive saloons. Mercedes itself has been a brand synonymous with class and quality, and this new model is no different. Taking only the best features from the brand’s S-Class saloon, the E-Class demonstrates new styling paired alongside practical changes such as a four-wheel cylinder engine and an extended wheelbase, making it roomier inside than ever before. At VIP Chauffeur Car Hire, we offer Mercedes E-Class in white or silver, perfect for a business class airport transfer or corporate event.

The best luxury SUV: Lexus RX

 Since its original debut in 1999, the Lexus RX has been the brand’s most popular vehicle so, unsurprisingly, the all-new 2016 model did not disappoint. The RX’s new appearance may be unusual, but it gives the car a youthful, sportier feel that previous models haven’t been able to achieve. A brand new interior design featured high praise from critics with plush leather seating, a thicker steering wheel, power moonroof and a 12-speaker audio system. Those looking for the perfect family car will be pleased to know that extra available features include a dual-screen rear-seat entertainment system to keep the kids occupied, plus safety additions such as front and rear parking sensors and lane departure alert.